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"Tell me, I'll forget.

Show me, I'll remember. 

Involve me, and I'll understand"

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Our Signature Workshop:
Introduction to Lean Fundamentals

This hands-on workshop has been our top-rated training for over 10 years! If your team could benefit from learning about lean fundamentals in a practical and fun way, this is the training for you. This eye-opening workshop will transform the way your team sees work through a memorable team experience.


  • Learn the true history of Lean Management
  • Learn the importance of Value Streams and how they impact business success
  • To teach you how to recognize operational waste and the benefits associated with eliminating it
  • Learn about the 3 Phases of Lean Application
  • Learn how to apply lean solutions to reduce cost, increase speed of performance, and improve quality
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Other Value-Centered
Management and Lean Management Topics


Each workshop is guaranteed to include (1) phone planning session, a professional facilitator, at least (1) interactive exercise, and a workshop summary report with the results from our participant satisfaction survey. 


Workshop Title Description Duration
Maximizing Productivity by Focusing on Value This eye-opening workshop will transform the way you see any activity. You’ll learn how to identify non-value added activities and strategies to eliminate them for good. 3 Hours
7 Commitments of a Value-Centered Culture This highly interactive workshop will focus on the 7 commitments needed to maintain a value-centered culture. Learn the key principles any team must commit to in order to build a strong value-centered culture serving internal and external customers. 3 Hours
Improvement Mindset as a Strategy Find out how to make improvement a culture not a program by understanding how true kaizen minded professionals think and obtain real results through the proven principles of Kaizen (Kai = Change, Zen = For the Better). 6 Hours
Improvement as a System – Solving Problems through Kaizen Learn how any team member or work team can use a 7 step system to resolving any problem or challenge the right way—includes an interactive exercise. 12 Hours
Empowering Team Members through Leadership Development In this workshop we will dig deep into methods and tools that will empower and enlighten team members. Train the team that is closest to the customer to manage projects, organize their workload, participate in critical thinking sessions, and more. 6 Hours
Aligning Processes with Customer Value In this workshop we will focus on identifying and matching each point of value from customers to the specific functions within your operation that are impacted. 6 Hours
Making Work Move Faster In this workshop participants will learn how lean flow and value-centered management work hand in hand to create a smooth flowing, efficient operation. 6 Hours
Measuring Cost and Value Stream Performance This workshop will focus on reducing cost and measuring the 3 major states within an organization; the state of each value stream, state of the customer, and state of the company.. 6 Hours
Creating Competitive Strategies and Vision In this workshop we will uncover some of the best kept strategic secrets. Learn to see the hidden potential within your organization, and leave with the tools to unleash it. 12 Hours
Aligning Corporate Initiatives with Customer Demand In this workshop we will explore how to deploy corporate initiatives that are in sync with customer demand by listening to those closest to the customer. 6 Hours
Creating and Maintaining a Culture of Excellence In this workshop you will learn new ways to develop and build teamwork and a culture of excellence with Value-Centered performance enhancement tools. 6 Hours
Strategic Financial Measurements and Controls In this workshop we will introduce key financial tools that help summarize the health of the entire organization. Build financial controls into the fabric of the organization to optimize every dollar spent and minimize waste. 6 Hours
Executing Change in a Value- Centered The difference between companies that are positioned for growth and companies that experience growth is one word: EXECUTION. In this workshop we will focus on strategies and tips to help execute change swiftly and efficiently. 12 Hours
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Professional Development Topics


Workshop Title Description Duration
Your Image, Your Success In this workshop team members will learn the connection between their personal image and achieving personal and professional success. Learn how our personal image is directly related to how we treat ourselves and others. 2 Hours
Setting Goals for Personal and Professional Growth Anything is possible if we take the necessary steps to map out the best way to achieve our dreams.  This course will teach team members how the five steps to creating realistic goals and how to achieve the goals they set. 2 Hours
Making Winning Decisions Decision making is a process; learn how to do it with ease and confidence.  This course will teach team members how to evaluate various solutions and consequences of the decisions they make as well as to teach them how to make decisions for success. 4 Hours
Unlocking Your Team’s Hidden Potential Unlock your team’s potential and learn how to engage and pull out the best attributes in any team member. 2 Hours
Effective Communication: Part I Whether it is verbal, non-verbal, written, or cultural/personal expression, we are communicating every second of our lives.  This course will teach team members how to effectively communicate with different types of people whether speaking or writing. 2 Hours
Effective Communication: Part II In the second part of the effective communication series, team members will learn the importance of listening and how to demonstrate that you are actively engaged while someone is speaking. 2 Hours
Delivering Professional Presentations: Part I This first activity-based workshop will help any team member learn tips and strategies to delivering powerful and engaging presentations. 2 Hours
Delivering Professional Presentations: Part II The second part of this series will focus on the importance of having organized and easy-to-read supporting documents to leave a positive and lasting impression with your audience. 2 Hours
Building Positive Working Relationships Learning to identify which relationships at work are positive and negative is a vital skill we must develop in order to achieve success.  This course will teach team members how to build and maintain a positive circle of influence at work. 4 Hours
Resolving Work Conflicts Before we can solve a conflict with others, we must first resolve the conflict that lies within us! Team members will discover how to manage their emotions, attitude and behavior and learn the best strategies to identify and resolve conflicts quickly. 4 Hours
Understanding and Appreciating Cultural Differences In this workshop we discuss the many cultural differences that can divide a team. Team members will learn the importance of appreciating the abilities in others and trying to find common ground. 4 Hours
The Characteristics of an Effective Leader: Part I In this series we focus on the essential characteristics and skills of a leader. The first workshop focuses on becoming the leader of YOU before you can lead others. 4 Hours
The Characteristics of an Effective Leader: Part II In this second workshop, we will focus on the attributes of some of the best leaders in the business world, and discuss the different styles of leadership. 4 Hours
How Businesses Are Using Social Media Learn how the top companies are leveraging social media in their strategic marketing plans, and why it’s the wave of the future. 2 Hours
Keys to Maximizing Productivity Everyone wishes there was more time in a day. Learn our easy time management techniques & tools to ensure your entire team is adding value every day. 2 Hours
Living a Healthy Lifestyle Understanding and promoting a healthy lifestyle will show your team that you care about them as a person. This course will teach team members how to set personal health goals while giving them the knowledge and motivation it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. 4 Hours
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Each workshop is taught by Michael E. Parker and is guaranteed to include (1) phone planning session, a professional PowerPoint presentation, at least (1) interactive exercise, workbooks for each participant, and a workshop summary report with the results from our participant satisfaction survey. 


Although we have many trainings that we can deliver, we strongly prefer to create a customized training that addresses the specific needs of your audience.  

Content Customization Services include:

Q & A session with your team to drill down to the specific needs of your audience.

Customizing the presentation material to flow within the time constraints of your event.

Customizing the examples, case studies, and/or interactive exercises to address the specific needs of your audience.

Creating a custom learning path for your audience based upon their needs.

We tailor our content to meet the specific needs of our customers.

1. Select Workshop
Select the workshop you would like for us to deliver.
2. Finalize Needs Assessment
Finalize needs assessment so we understand your specific needs.
3. Deliver Workshop
We will come to your site and deliver the workshop.
4. Follow-Up
Send report with detailed information from the workshop.
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