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Value-Centered Management 

CEO & Founder, Michael E. Parker, literally wrote the book on how to simplify lean concepts for service environments and focus on value stream flow. Using this proven methodology, we can help you understand how to center everything around what your customers value, how to sustain a healthy team culture, implement lean flow, or even assist with strategic planning to ensure all your goals are aligned.

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Read Who Said So? 

A narrative introduction to the powerful Value-Centered Management Methodology.

What is VCM? 

Value-Centered Management™ is a business management philosophy designed to help businesses focus all efforts on what their customer’s value and provide that value seamlessly through smooth flowing operations and a unified culture.

VCM Glossary 

Browse terms specific to the Value-Centered Management business philosophy

Lean Operations

Prior to starting his own companies, Michael E. Parker worked for Toyota Motor Manufacturing and General Motors, and received direct training on the Toyota Production System and Lean Management Philosophy in Japan, Canada, and throughout the United States. He is now recognized as a 1st generation lean expert and has led lean management programs for multi-million dollar organizations in both the service and manufacturing industries. 

Our team has over 15 years of experience implementing concepts such as:

Process Mapping

Also known as value stream mapping, this is a powerful tool to help everyone understand how work is currently being done, identify and eliminate waste (or non-value) in the process, and what the process will look like in the future. 

Root Cause Analysis

Have you ever thought you solved a problem, only for it to rear its ugly head again? If so, you might not have addressed the root of the problem, only a symptom. Or, you could have addressed the wrong problem altogether. Using root cause analysis tools and techniques will ensure your improvement efforts are focused in the right direction and sustainable.

Visual Workplace (5S)

Let us facilitate a 5S Day for your facility including planning, coordination, execution, and follow-up audits to improve organization and efficiency.  

Kaizen System

A critical component to any lean management program is ensuring your team members participate in improvement efforts. Setting up a system that empowers those that do the work to improve processes is a small investment that is virtually guaranteed to boost morale and your bottom line.

Kanban System

Translated to mean “number card”, this is a visual way of controlling inventory in any operation.  The system includes setting up visual cues to help track inventory as it’s used, then collecting the cards to place an order for re-stock.  This type of system can be used virtually anywhere supplies are stored in an operation to minimize inventory cost.

Case Studies

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