Hardcover | 208 pages

Who Said So: Questions Revolutionary Businesses Ask That Make Them Successful

In Who Said So?, Michael E. Parker introduces the unique leadership philosophy known as Value-Centered Management. Using the exciting, creative format of a business narrative, the book contrasts the familiar pains of traditional business management styles with the Value-Centered methodology by contrasting father and son managers and their different philosophies. The story follows an MBA graduate who is assigned the tough task of retaining an important, yet dissatisfied client. Filled with doubt and frustration, he turns to his father, whose unique management philosophy helps begin a journey of business discovery.

Along the way, the reader learns the importance of determining what customers truly value, building a customer-driven culture that focuses on those key values, and implementing money-saving Lean Principles.

Who Said So? is a business story that will transform the way you serve all your clients and accounts. Using a compelling fictional narrative that contrasts the different management styles of a father and son, it introduces a revolutionary management philosophy called Value-Centered Management.

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Kaizen Professional Suite: Improvement As a System

In this highly informative series get prepared to be transformed into a way of thinking that will dramatically change the landscape of your organization through a systematic approach to solving problems while creating a culture of improvement and constant progression. As you follow along you will gain a general understanding of the Kaizen philosophy and quickly see how the principles of kaizen can be applied to any work team or large organization. (Kai=Change, Zen= For the Better). The learning objectives of this DVD series is:

  • To help managers and team members embrace a unified approach to process improvement and problem solving
  • To understand the importance of systematic improvement
  • To introduce our 7 step approach to understanding and resolving operational challenges within your business
  • To discuss the practical application of defining problems, discovering the root cause, and identifying an appropriate solution
  • To create a fun, team-based, learning environment with discussions and an interactive exercise to ensure active participation and reinforce the concepts
  • To introduce a user-friendly standard reporting tool that can be used by team members of varying levels of experience to facilitate the kaizen process
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